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Tiny Treasures was established in 1986 and offers a total early education experience for children from infancy through preschool. Our facilities are fully licensed by the state of New Jersey. We provide a loving, educational, safe and clean environment for your child.

We believe in a program which is based on both individual and group needs. Our program is suited to a wide range of developmental patterns and individual differences which we implement by:
  • Providing experiences within a child's range of interests & competencies so that there are many opportunities for success which contribute to his or her senses of self worth.
  • Establishing a climate that fosters feelings of security and a sense of independence so that there is an awareness of one's value both as an individual and a member of a group can be felt.
  • Providing guidance for that child as he or she learns to relate to others, so that warm human relationships can be developed.
  • Ongoing communication with teachers and staff at drop-off and pickup time.
  • Regular parent/teacher conferences.
  • Open dialogue with community educational leaders.
  • School newsletters, highlighting upcoming activities, lessons and events.
  • Bi-yearly written progress reports tailored to your child needs.
Our Staff - Over 230+ years of Combined Experience
We offer certified, highly qualified and well-trained teachers that ensure a well developed experience for your child. Our teachers stay current on the most recent academic advancements, thereby ensuring that your child receives the best care and education. Our staff members are all certified in CPR and First Aid.

All our Preschool teachers have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and hold a New Jersey State Teaching Certificate.

  • Imane Majagah, Onsite Owner/Preschool Director, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from William Paterson University. Imane's passion and love for children and their education is what brought her to Tiny Treasures. She is very involved in both the Infant and Preschool Centers and is always available for the children and parents. Imane’s goal is to provide exceptional care and surpass parents’ expectations of a childcare center.

  • Diana Fortemps, the Center Director. Miss Diana has dedicated her professional career to Early Childhood Education and is proud to serve our family in our child's most important time of growth. Miss Diana possess a BA from Seton Hall University and Graduate credits in Business Administration. She has a NJ teaching CE in P-3 and K-8 and formerly worked as a teacher in the Paterson school district. Miss Diana has five children ranging from ages 5-20 so she possess wealth of hands on experience! She looks forward to be part of building a great academic foundation.

  • Miss Tammy – 4’s classroom, Head Teacher. Miss Tammy graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and has been working at Tiny Treasures for 19 years. She loves teaching and cares about each child. She feels that every child is different, learns in a different way and therefore feels her strength is to identify their need and work with them to achieve the goals of the classroom.

  • Miss Selina – PreK 4 (4 - 5 yrs. old) classroom. Miss Selina graduated from Montclair State University with a K-5 Elementary Education degree and has been working at Tiny Treasures for 18 years. She really enjoys teaching students the basic skills such as reading, writing and math. Miss Selina enjoys singing and cooking in the classroom but not always together! She has two children that attend Tiny Treasures and loves having them at the school. During her free time she spends time with her family, she enjoys cooking and traveling.

  • Miss Rachel – PreK 3 (3 - 4 yrs. old) classroom. is a mom to her 3 children. She is a licensed nurse. She studied nursing and worked as a psych nurse, as well as an orthopedic nurse for 4 years. Teaching has always been her calling and she went back to school to obtain her certificate to teach. Rachel has experience teaching the 3 year old group as well as toddlers.

  • Miss Sasha – Early PreK classroom. Miss Sasha has been at Tiny Treasures for 3 years and taught Pre K classes for 5 yrs prior to coming to Tiny Treasures. She is a monther of two young children and enjoys teaching our children. She helps to stimulate the children’s creative side by introducing many fun activities.

  • Miss Carol – PreK 3 classroom Main Aid. Miss Carol has been working with Tiny Treasures for 20 years. Before she joined Tiny Treasures, she worked in Early Kindergarten in public school for 6 years plus 1 year with special ed program. She then started working for tiny treasures in the infant and Toddler classroom to transition slowly to the 3's class. She enjoys and love working with all the children.

  • Miss Fran – PreK 4 classroom Main Aid. Miss Fran has been with Tiny Treasures for 20 years. She first learned about the school from her brother because his son went to Tiny Treasures. It was only natural that both of her boys attended Tiny Treasures and they are now 27 and 20 years old. Miss Fran loved the school so much that even after her boys graduated she stayed on as an aid.

  • Miss Lina – PreK 4 classroom Main Aid. Miss Lina has worked at Tiny Treasures for 2 years, she works as Miss Tammy’s main aid. She loves being with “her children” and loves seeing how they learn and grow. Miss Lina feels they are very impressionable at this age and is fascinated by their “stick with it attitude”.

  • Miss Liza – Early PreK classroom Main Aid. Miss Liza has worked at Tiny Treasures for 3 years, she works as Miss Sasha’s main aid. Miss Liza loves this age group and realizes how different each child is and how you have to nurture them individually to help them mature She feels they don’t give up easily and really want to learn.

  • Ms. Phyllis – Infants (6 weeks – 12 months). Ms. Phyllis has been with Tiny Treasures for 18 years. She loves babies and enjoys watching them grow. She sings to them, plays with them and cares for their individual needs.

  • Ms. Katie - Toddlers (12 - 18 months). Ms Katie has been at Tiny Treasures for 15 years. Ms Katie enjoys working with this age group because they are a very curious and willing to learn new things.

  • Ms. Debby – Tots (18 months – 2 ½ years). Ms Debby has been with Tiny Treasures for 22 years and attended Shepherd University in West Virginia. Both of Debby’s children attended Tiny Treasures and she started teaching at the school while her children were here. Miss Debby enjoys watching the children them grow and develop.

  • Ms. Kathy – Twos (2 ½ - 3 years old). Ms. Kathy has been with Tiny Treasures for 20 years and her two daughters attended Tiny Treasures. She loves being with the kids and enjoys interacting with the parents.

  • Ms. Cathy has been with Tiny Treasures for 13 ½ years and works with Ms. Kathy in the Twos room. Her 3 grandchildren attend the school. She loves the family atmosphere and the ability to make each child’s experience personal and fun.

  • Ms. Josephine has been working for Tiny Treasures over 16 years

  • Ms. Delores retired nurse has been working for Tiny Treasures over 11 years

  • Miss Erica – Spanish Teacher for Preschool Miss Erica is attending Passaic Community College and she is pursuing a degree in English as a Second Language (ESL). She meets with each classroom for 30-40 minutes per week. They sing a morning song in Spanish (Hola Amigos), learn the days of the week, months of the year, colors, shapes, body parts and basic Spanish conversations occur with the students. Miss Erica is very energetic and eager to teach the students about her love of Spanish.

  • Mr. Greg – our computer teacher, has been with us for over 14 years. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Caldwell College, and recently completed his Master's Degree in School Counselor at Caldwell University. He also heads up our School Age group for summer camp, and has been the Director of the North Caldwell branch of the Tiny Treasures Extended School Day Program for 9 years. Mr. Greg also has experience working in both Passaic Valley High School & Robert R. Lazar Middle School.

  • Miss Kerry – Music Teacher for Infant Center and Preschool

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