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Your Preschooler's Day: Activities at Tiny Treasures are enhanced through the use of many exciting programs and special people. Each program incorporates language, mathematics, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development.

  • KINDERGARTEN: Tiny Treasures is proud to offer our kindergarten enrichment program.
  • COMPUTERS: In addition to the use of computers in our regular curriculum, special computer classes are offered to our preschoolers.
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Children develop their Spanish vocabulary through activities and language immersion play and song.
  • MUSIC and MOVEMENT: Lead by a local certified teacher who specializes in early childhood music, movement and exercise. A stimulating program encompassing singing, dancing, and movement is provided weekly for all our classes.

Enrichment Program for children who have missed the October cut-off and are ready for a more challenging curriculum. The teachers use Carson-Dellosa Common Core Supplemental Classroom kit for Kindergarten with their lesson plans. It is based off the Kindergarten Core Curriculum so the children are being taught one of the most up-to-date programs. In the beginning there is a review of the PreK 4 curriculum to see the child’s progress. The children are taught math skills, language arts, more sight words, science experiments and writing skills and do so in a fun and interactive environment. This classroom is geared to get them ready for Kindergarten.

In computer class, the students are introduced to the computer through games and activities that are both fun and educational. Students begin by working on mouse skills and identifying the names of the different parts of the computer. As the year progresses, students begin to apply and reinforce what they learn in their regular classroom, such as letters, numbers, and colors. This culminates with the students learning to type on the keyboard, starting with single letters and moving on to more advanced typing, such as small sight words and their name.

In spanish class, Miss Erica meets with each classroom for 30-40 minutes per week. They sing a morning song in Spanish (Hola Amigos), learn the days of the week, months of the year, colors, shapes, body parts and basic Spanish conversations occur with the students. Miss Erica is very energetic and eager to teach the students about her love of Spanish.

  • CIRCLE TIME: Each morning we gather together to encourage social development during circle time. We begin with a morning song and pledge alligence. Next, we assign daily tasks, like line leader, weather watcher and teacher's helper. Children learn to listen, share, take turns, cooperate, follow directions and give and receive feedback. These skills will give your children the ability to flourish in a classroom environment.
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS: Our outdoor playground and/or indoor gym are utilized daily by all children while enhancing continued learning while the children play. Our outdoor playground features a state-of-the-art Jungle Kingdom, basketball court, and much more.
  • FIELD TRIPS: Our Pre K children are taken on fun and educational outings to such places as the theatre, zoos, farms, museums, and aquariums.
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